Role of Mattel Hoverboard in the Trilogy

Mattel Hoverboard is the world-renowned brand, which in the film universe, was active in 2015. This brand was responsible for selling a specialized version of hoverboard to young children. It was deemed safe and was widely used. This hoverboard came with the assistance of detachable handlebar along with a foot strap. The problem with this board was it loses its power and was hence unable to cross large water bodies. The company made this board available in particular shades, Pink, and Orange.

When the hoverboards first hit the screens, they created quite a rift. Almost every kid in that time is dreaming of owning one of these. It’s been 30 years since the concept was introduced to us. Today we are going to have a look at its role in the movie and its alive versions available in today’s real world.

It’s Presence in the Film

In the Film, Marty MacFly borrowed the board from a girl who was riding it in Courthhouse Square. After Acquiring the Hoverboard, Marty used it to get away from Griff Tannen and his gang. Moving Onward, the little girl then lets Marty keep the board for some reason. It was later revealed she got a new one. Yeah, she got the Pit Bull Hoverboard from Griff while he was arrested.

This was not the only time this hoverboard appeared in the movie. Yes, it later made an appeared in 1955 when Marty retrieved the Grays Sports Almanac. Marty once again used this hoverboard in 1885 to save Clara Clayton and Doc Brown from falling off locomotive which will bring them back in the future. Later on, Doc got caught in it and caught Clara. They then hovered away to safety away from the tracks.

The Hoverboard once again made its appearance on December 24. He used the board to give EbiffnezerTannnen the illusion that he is the Christmas Ghost

The board was once again on screen as Marty tried to bring Edna back to 1931 from 1876. Doc gave the hoverboard to Marty while he was fixing the Flux overrides to Flux Emitter on his DeLorean.

What Happened Behind the Scenes in real world

Well, this is a rather interesting bit. In late 2012, the Mattel Hoverboard released a full-scale replica of this board just like it appeared on Part 2 and Part 3 of the trilogy. It was impressive that the appearance was very close to identical. Unfortunately, it never hovered on water or any other surface. However, it glided on carpeted surface.  There was a shortfall of accuracy.

Another Replica was introduced in February 2014. This time, the Mattel Hoverboard was brought to the world by a website. This website added its own licensed replica. This replica was named as Back to the Future hoverboard. It had almost the same design as previously introduced Hoverboard replica but there were no handlebar hole, no Mattel Logo, and no Sound Effects.


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